Where should your saddle sit?

The saddle puts us in the driving seat when we go out for a jump or a hack and ensures comfort for our horses. Yet, for such a key part of our kit many know relatively little about them, besides the importance of keeping them in mint condition.

Now’s the time to learn more!

We were proud to produce a video in partnership with the FEI, Han Equestrian and Amanda Ross to help you to understand exactly where your saddle should sit. 

Click on any of the images or this link to be taken to the video on the FEI website. 

Why is this important?

Where the saddle sits not only affects your horse but also you as the rider. A well-fitting saddle needs to be placed correctly on your horse to benefit you both.

Amanda Ross and Han Equestrian investigate what your horse’s optimal saddle platform is and how to find it. They also delve into how saddle placement directly influences your horse’s comfort and freedom of movement, and your balance and rider biomechanics.

With a saddle sponsorship spanning decades, an ongoing passion for rider biomechanics and fitness, infinite experience in coaching and ongoing access to saddle fitters throughout her career, Amanda is something of an expert on assessing her own comfort in a saddle and that of her horses. 

About Amanda Ross

Amanda is an international eventer who has seen it all and is passionate about sharing her knowledge.

Based on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia, Amanda has been riding since her humble Pony Club days to the Olympic Games and has always found her passion and purpose in living a lifestyle with horses. 

In addition to a life of eventing, Amanda dabbled in showing as a kid, did a few seasons of FEI dressage, and then more recently, has turned her focus to show jumping, placing in her first World Cup!  

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