NEW Bates Victrix: Book your test ride!

Unleash your horse’s true power in the NEW Bates Victrix.

At take off… you will feel increased power, lift and perfect bascule from the wither-freedom design.

In the moment of suspension… you will feel perfectly balanced and hear silence as your horse soars higher over the rails, enjoying the protective cushioning when it matters most.

Upon landing… you will feel the recovery benefits of the shock-absorbing panel, allowing you both to recalibrate instantaneously.  

Lightweight and compact, the ultra-close Bates Victrix offers your horse complete comfort and freedom in every stride, giving your partnership the edge over the competition.

When every second matters, and you are powered by instinct… trust in the Bates Victrix to be your ultimate secret weapon.

BONUS: Be one of the first riders to purchase a new Bates Victrix and receive a FREE pair of Bates Stirrup Leathers in Luxe Leather in size 137 cm in the matching colour.



Book your test-ride today through one of our launch partner stockists (below), or contact us directly.