Melanie Nixon

Dressage Australia

I was first introduced to Bates saddles when my young horse grew too wide for his existing saddle. I loved it’s adjustability and often made changes throughout the season back in gullet size and with the use of shims to get the balance just perfect. I have been riding in the Bates Isabell across all the dressage grades and can honestly say it is the only saddle I have ever ridden in that I can sit in for hours on end and not feel any discomfort during or after. For the rider the anatomic design is almost perfect. When I was given the opportunity to try the Bates Artiste I wasn’t sure I was going to like the knee rolls, I have always removed the blocks from the Bates Isabell ( I love that about it too!) However I was very pleasantly surprised – the blocks are positioned in such a way they offer excellent support without being restrictive. I am a convert and haven’t looked back!